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Even if depression is not about you, this fall you may have experienced a breakdown and low mood,
known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). But they could, of course, not collide. And if so, then you are
very lucky.
Experts say that every year patients with diagnosed depressive disorders become more and more. And
the number of antidepressants used for their intended purpose has recently increased by more than
50%. And this is despite the fact that they work better than placebo, but only by a couple of points -8
versus 6 on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale. Buy Diazepam online uk

What else is wrong with antidepressants?

First of all, it is important to understand that they do not reduce the risk of suicide in patients with
suicidal feelings.
including weight gain, erectile dysfunction, and even internal bleeding. Finally, they may simply not fit
the person, which happens far more often than it seems.
That is why in research on the topic are increasingly considered alternative methods of treatment or
correction of mood disorders. In the text for The Conversation, Matt Strauss from McMaster University
told us which “natural” therapies work no worse (and maybe better) than antidepressants. And we
summarize the most important below. diazepam prescription online


In 2007, scientists from the Medical Center at Duke University (Duke University) randomly assigned
patients with depression for 30 minutes of walking or jogging three times a week, usually prescribed
antidepressant or placebo. What is the result? Surprisingly, the exercises were more effective than pills.
A review of studies on depressive disorders and physical activity only confirms this. Sport is what always

Light therapy

You feel good after the beach or walking in sunny weather, isn’t it? There is probably something in it.
Light therapy, an attempt to duplicate the effects of the sun on our psyche in a controlled way,
demonstrates excellent results. A review of studies has shown that depressive in patients who sat in
front of the light box for 15 to 20 minutes depending on the recommendations of the doctor, decreased
by an average of 2.5 points. And this effect is comparable to the action of antidepressants.

Mediterranean diet

Australian researchers randomly prescribed for depressed patients either nutritional counseling or social
support (group work). Dietitians, in turn, generally recommended them a Mediterranean diet, but
modified so that the menu contains as many fresh local products as possible.
As a result, remission occurred in 32% of patients who followed the diet. And these are significant
figures, considering that the same thing happened with only 8% of the number of participants in social
support groups. Buying Diazepam online uk

Cognitive behavioral therapy

This is the best non-pharmacological treatment for depression – and the evidence is undeniable. CPT is
as effective as antidepressants, but its benefits have a prolonged effect (the symptoms will not return as
soon as you stop going to the sessions, which is very likely in the case of tablets).
Most of the doctors who adhere to the evidence-based approach today recognize that it is necessary to
at least tell patients about the listed options, if not to use them. But it is even better to start therapy just
with “natural” methods, and only then, with obvious need, move on. buy valium online uk next day delivery


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