240 mg OxyContin

I first had roxicodone and oxycodone years ago + then in the hospital recently but hate it. It didn’t help very well with my severe pain but worse makes me feel very anxious and generally unwell particularly when it wears off but also when it’s active. I don’t do well with short acting pain meds + it took several years + lots of different meds to get to a functional point. My doctor discovered years ago that that my pain was treated much better with the combo of 2 long acting 20 mg Oxycontin and 30 mg of Morphine Sulphate ER 2x day every day. I have a third dose (MS ER/CR) to take for breakthrough and worse periods of pain. I have not had to increase doses in 20 years even though my condition has worsened + added issues have developed. At times, pain is much worse but I don’t take the additional MS ER unless I just can’t move, function or take care of myself. Combo takes care of 60-70% of pain (+/- depending on many things) — never ever pain free. Dealing with pain since a child though not really diagnosed until early 20s; was able to deal with aspirin, ice, heat, rest, exercise, massage, various therapy, joint/spinal injections, etc until early 40s and by that time I was having to be bedridden multiple days a week. With the combo mentioned I was able to get along until 50s and even now at 65. However there are now things that I just can’t do. When pain +fatigue is worse than usual, I just go to bed for a day or so and then I feel better. But again, I don’t want to increase dose because I feel like I can get through even though it’s really tough. Pool therapy with water at 90-93F was/is a huge help but we no longer have that option nearby. Hot tub at same temp can help but isn’t the same as being able to exercise, hang, stretch in the 3-5’ deep 90-93F water 3-5 days a week. Water below 90 makes me much worse causing cramps, spasms, increased pain etc. There need to be many more therapeutic pools across the country/hospitals for severe chronic pain patients.