oxycontin 20 mg

Having been crushed between two taxicabs in NYC, enduring 38 surgeries (so far), giving up the chance to lead the life I dreamt, taking a multitude of meds (from psych to pain to stomach), I know of NO BENEFIT TO LIVING WITH/IN DIRE PAIN. I take 240 mg of OxyContin and 60 mg of Roxicodone for breakthrough pain. That latter is down from 90 of generic oxycodone which can be useless, as my pharmacy was getting in whatever was cheapest that week. My doctor switched me from generic to brand and the difference was significant. Unfortunately, I;m still in pain. But, hey, that’s what “they” want…as long as I’m having debilitating pain, then all is right in opioid land, because, God forbid, I should get 100% relief…. I become infuriated when I see how Big BRother dictates what I should be taking. There is alot less abuse of these drugs because people cannot get the right amount from doctors who are weak and cowed into lowering the amount of scripts they write. TREAT EACH PATIENT WITH THE DIGNITY AND RESPECT WE DESERVE: we’ve been through hell, we are living in hell. My life is merely an ‘existence’ though I have tried through Herculean efforts to overcome the monster that is workers comp and TPA’s and I have prevailed. But I am exhausted, depressed… I will, however, live to fight another day.