Percocet 5/325mg

Percocet goes straight to my pain and I have sever chronic pain! It does not make me dizzy or nauseated. I HAVE NO side effects and do not feel I need to take more than needed. One would know if you take too much because you would get dizzy or euphoric. Any pain medication that you feel any euphoria, in my opinion, has addictive properties. When Percocet 5/325 or a 10/325 cut in half, relieves my pain, I am not dizzy OR SLEEPY and can drive the car and do any activity. I am not tired like some medications make you. I am not depressed like some other meds make you. I do not know what I would do without this medication because I have a high sensitivity to most medications of any kind, especially NSAIDS and anti-depressants, which doctors sometimes use for pain. It is a shame that Percocet has been abused by many, therefore making it a SCHEDULE II drug. Doctors seem to have a fear of prescribing it and this is a drug that works for me. Doctors should not be afraid to prescribe this medication, especially to an older person and the doctor knows they are in pain. There has to be TRUST going in all directions. Patients need to stop being lawsuit happy and realize that doctors would help more if their hands were not tied because of the fear of being sued for prescribing SCHEDULE II drugs. EVERYTHING can be potentially addictive! I cannot take AMBIEN that is a schedule V, nor ROZAREM (compare to melatonin in the body). Talk about being addictive and take AMBIEN! I also had chest pains and other side effects from it. Stay away from AMBIEN; you can’t get off of it! Alcohol is addicting, chocolate is addicting, too much eating is addicting, soda is addicting. We need to write the Department of Justice under DEA and have Percocet lowered to a Schedule III drug, such as Vicodin, Lortab and Lorcet. I cannot take those meds! I have many side effects from them, but not one from Percocet. Percocet is a good med and should not be kept from those of us who need it to live!